CabinControl PCBs on their way!

January 17th I sent the gerber files over to for production. They have great specs, and extras like Immersion Gold plating and blue coloured solder mask was pretty cheap. They sent me an email telling me that production may be delayed to until after Chinese new year, which would mean the cards wouldn’t get sent until February 12th… Luckily though, they came through – today I received an email from them telling me that the cards have been shipped!

Packets containing electrical components are coming in from everywhere these days too, it’s great! From Sparkfun, Elfa (Norwegian equivalent of Digikey, only 1% of their articles to 10x the price), Ebay and dealextreme. It’s amazing how cheap components can be when ordering from Hong Kong.

I’ll be sure to post images of the PCBs as they arrive so you can make your own mind up whether PCBCart is worth using for your next project or not. By the way, the board dimensions are 60mm x 85mm (2.35 x 3.3 inches for you empirical people).

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